Today could be the best day of your life...

Good Friday…

Some say the day was originally on Wednesday, some don’t care what actual day of the week it was. All they know is there was a day when all sin and all that separated us from God got nailed to a tree.

Crucifixion wasn’t something people made amulets of or wore around their necks. A cross hung on the walls of their homes wouldn’t have been seen. Being crucified was offensive and horrible, it was set apart for the worst of the worst. The person being crucified wasn’t just put to death as punishment, but tortured by slow and excruciating suffocation and pain. After being nailed by hands and feet to a tree, the person was raised on the cross to slowly lose all ability to lift themselves to breathe. It was Rome’s way of instilling fear and causing behavior submission by the on-looker. The intent was to create a society completely obedient to Rome’s authority.

Good Friday …

The day that Jesus was nailed to a tree, a cross, crucified willingly for me.

It was the day that “religion” much like Rome’s tyranny was, got suffocated and lost its breath. What tried to cause behavior modification got replaced with relationship. We received grace to empower the freedom we gained through His sacrifice.

It was the day that He took the punishment and paid the price for me.

He did that so I could be in right relationship with God, blameless and whole in His presence.

It was excruciating and painful, it was traumatic and horrible.

He did it with me on His heart, with me on His mind, and He did it willingly.

His trauma became my Triumph.

He was lifted up in agony so we could be raised to new abundant life…

He wants you to know YOU were on His heart too

When he gave Himself freely He was giving you the ability to live with the authority of being His son or daughter

You were the one He was thinking of when He willing gave His life

You were worth every second

He stopped breathing to give you the opportunity to breathe in real life

He did it so you can live in freedom from sins tyranny

He did it because He didn’t want eternity without you.

His Love was what paid for your freedom if you accept it.

Today, Good Friday you can have fully the abundant life He paid to give you…

It’s as simple as asking Him into your life and agreeing with Him that you need a savior and He’s the ONLY One that can fill that position!

Ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life, for God to Father you and Holy Spirit to fill you…and watch how the broken areas of your life are restored by a relationship with the God of the universe.

Today, Good Friday…

His most painful day

Can truly be the best day of your life…