This is my story…

It’s one of redemption, transformation, surrender, freedom, and restored identity!

A story of radical rebellion turned reckless obedience and ridiculous freedom...

I’m super excited you’ve stopped by, I’d love for you to hang out for a bit so we can get to know each other!

All The Stuff…


If you’re curious about who I am or what my story is, you’ll find answers on the A little about Mimi page here.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be just enough to make us fast friends, at least I really hope so!

You’re invited to jump on over to my Let’s get to know each other page here. I’ll be sharing my heart and what I’ve learned through His word, His love and His voice in my life on my Blog page here

Find out where I’ll be speaking in the future or make inquiries for upcoming events on the Ministry Events page here. I would love to encourage your church group or speak at your next retreat or event.

Check out the Resources page here. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite sites and materials for the journey, because who doesn’t want help to thrive?!