Respond Don't React

 “Respond don’t react”

A couple years ago I heard Lord speak that phrase to me…

Since then I have been on a journey to learn a new way of responding to life’s challenges instead of reacting to them…and believe me its not always easy but God gives so much grace and wisdom when we ask Him for it!

The phrase has resurfaced often in the past couple months for me

One of the definitions of Respond that Merriam Webster Dictionary gives is:

“to have a good or desired answer to something”

Being completely honest, some of my reactions have been neither good or desired in so many situations.

I felt the Lord saying to my heart that He was wanting something deeper from me…Deeper than an initial reaction.

Don’t get me wrong here, reactions aren’t bad, reaction is needed on so many levels. I mean you better react when someone throws something at you. Like when your 15 year old son throws you his stinky football socks to put in the laundry! I’d suggest ducking and maybe throwing up a shield or some kind to block and stop it from touching any part of your body!

If we only react to situations and relationships in our lives, we may be missing the deeper surrender that transforms.

I can feel the atmosphere around me shifting and shaking. Do you feel it too?

There seems to be a tightening of surroundings, a struggle under the surface of something about to break forth…

Like a Butterfly struggles to break out of a Cocoon. Like a Dolphin speeding to the surface about to break through the Ocean into the air!

That’s the best way I know how to describe it…

The tension feels urgent and powerful, exciting and promising and at the same time seems to be demanding a response.

Not just an emotional reaction…

His Love and Spirit is rushing into so many places.Victory and breakthrough, forward movement and redemption is breaking out in ways that change lives and generations. Do you see it? Can you feel it too?

His very real presence and love is showing up with power and calling out for a response!

Confession time…

I have reacted to my friends and family with frustration. When I should have responded in with tenderness and understanding.

I have reacted to my children, when I should have responded with discipline (teaching in love) not punishment.

I have reacted in fear when I should have responded in faith

I have reacted with indifference to loved ones when I should have responded with His grace

Holy Spirit keeps reminding me to respond…

In faith instead of reacting in fear

In His mercy instead of reacting in judgement

In His Spirit instead of reacting in my flesh

In His word when the enemy has thrown every arrow in my direction

In His love that never fails!

Jesus didn’t merely react in His love for us… He responded with the Cross

The next time we want to react…Let’s stop and ask Him how He may want us to respond

The times we live in today as believers demand a response not just a reaction. …Let’s not miss the opportunity…