No Other Name

The past couple weeks I’ve heard a gentle reminder in my Spirit of the power of the name of Jesus…

It seems like a no-brainer to those who know Him, who have experienced Him, and who love Him. But the truth is that sometimes we forget the root of the Gospel, that it’s Him, His name, His Lordship in our lives that transforms. Not what we do, but what He did. His love, His grace, His power, His name above all names…we can rest in His love and sit under His name safe and secure.

I’ve been silent these past couple days, with so much in my heart and mind swimming around the enormity and supremacy of His name…

I’ve been reminded of really hard times in the past when I had no words to pray, His name was all that was on my lips and in my heart.

When I couldn’t articulate the pain, His name was the only thing that brought comfort

When I knew everyone’s well meaning plans and directions were good, but if His name wasn’t over every situation leading me, then I wasn’t gonna move another step.

And I remember in every one of those situations, the circumstance had to bow its knee to His name and His authority in my life bringing peace and victory.

I have learned that He is all that I really need…

and He’s been reminding me lately that He’s all I’ll ever need

He’s all that I want

The only One that can save…

The only one that can heal and restore

in every situation

in every moment


There is no other name under Heaven that can bring what’s needed in any situation… In fact Acts 4:12 in the Passion Translation says “There is no one else who has the power to save us, for there is only one name to whom God has given authority by which we must experience salvation: the name of Jesus.”

If the name and Person of Jesus is the only One with the authority to bring salvation then you can know He has authority to cover EVERY circumstance you can encounter.

I was at a conference last year in Redding Ca, and as the worship was exploding in the atmosphere the worship leader asked the crowd to lift the name of Jesus over all the challenges in their lives. To let out a shout declaring the name of Jesus over all other names…over the name of cancer, divorce, lost loved ones, pain, sorrow, sickness and depression…

As the crowd lifted a shout, I stood in the back of the auditorium and listened. It was beautiful, it was powerful… I had been through a rough year, I was tired and honestly didn’t have the energy or heart to shout. I just wanted Him to come and sweep me off my feet and take me away to find rest and comfort in His presence…It was then I heard Him say “Whisper my name Mimi, Your whisper is like a roar in the heavens…”

I started to weep as I was reminded of how He is so attentive to my heart. The way a parent knows the cry of their own children, He hears my whisper in the largest crowd.

The cry of His own…Every voice, every heart.

There is power in even the whisper of the name of Jesus

His ear is listening for you to invite Him into your situation

Into your heart

No other name can make darkness flee

No other name can heal

No other name can deliver

No other name can restore a heart, a mind, a life

No other name can redeem a life from destruction

No other name can bring the lost home

No other name can save


If you need breakthrough and peace, comfort and direction, cry out to Jesus and invite him in right now to every seemingly impossible situation.

It’s as easy as this;

“Jesus come save me”